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Government Shutdown 2013

from: Stuart Kirsner

One of the financial services firms we work with has started providing us access and insights from Dr. Frank Luntz and his research team at Luntz Global. You may recognize Frank from his work on CBS or Fox News, or from his status as one of the most respected opinion makers in politics.

Frank and his team will provide us real time, behind the curtain looks at what’s going on in Washington, D.C., and how it may impact our clients. As an added service to our valued friends and clients, we will be forwarding these insights on to you.

This is a really important disclaimer. The information we pass along is not meant to build up or tear down any party, nor is it designed to be any commentary on either political party….  It is real time feedback as to what’s going on in our nation’s capital from one of the most connected and knowledgeable professionals in that field. Our goal in sending this to you is simply to keep you informed, and to give you some information that you may not be getting from traditional media outlets.

In our profession, we believe we have an enduring responsibility and an unwavering commitment to deliver results and solutions for the people we serve. For us, it’s about serving the needs of the people who rely on us to help them secure a better financial future.

We do believe that Washington has the same responsibility. I call on them to use the same human values that we believe in and practice every day. Use common sense. Cooperate with people who might disagree with you. Focus on the future, not just today — and always pursue solutions with genuine integrity, so that disagreements and distractions never derail you from reaching a better solution for those you serve.

Whether Washington will do that is another question, but we want you to know that we are always monitoring what is going on and how it could impact your retirement.

We will work hard to provide you with consistent and predictable income in retirement, and we will work hard to help you achieve the security you deserve.

If you have any concerns with what is going on in Washington and how it could impact your retirement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, if you have any friends or family that could benefit from a second opinion about their plan, we are always looking for a few great clients like yourself. We would be honored to help anyone that you care about.

Thank you for trusting us with your retirement.

Here is Frank's latest research on the government shutdown:

To:          Interested Parties
From:      Frank Luntz
Date:       October 1, 2013
Re:          Gridlock in Washington

I’ve been asked to deliver you inside perspective about 1) what’s going on in Washington, and 2) what might happen next.

First, what’s going on? I’ll be blunt. However broken you believe things are in Washington today — they are worse.

Both parties are entirely entrenched. Neither party feels compelled to give an inch. There’s no mood to compromise among anyone involved. And as a result, the American government faces its first shutdown in nearly two decades.

I know this because I know the people who are making the decisions. I meet with senior leaders in both chambers — and both parties — several times a month. While there may be media hype about the true consequences of a government shutdown, there is absolutely no hype about how far apart the parties are. It is genuine gridlock, and anyone who tells you they can truly predict how it will end… can’t.
In a poll we just fielded this weekend, fully 73% of Americans said they want “common sense, compromise, and cooperation” in Washington, compared to just 27% who want “change, courage, and principle.”

The Democrats hold the public opinion advantage. The American people, at the end of the day, simply trust President Obama and the Democrats more than they trust Congressional Republicans. And if there is one overarching conclusion our firm has found across all professions and industries, it’s that trust is everything. If someone believes in your intentions, they’re much more likely to follow you on the policy.        

It’s not that the public supports the Democratic position. In fact, Americans align more closely with Republicans on spending, scaling back Obamacare, and tax reform. But the Democrats have successfully painted Republicans as untrustworthy extremists, hijacked by the Tea Party, who are willing to shut the government down to get what they want. Conversely, the Democrats have successfully sold themselves as the party that wants to make progress, even if that progress isn’t perfect.

Looking ahead: what happens next? I cannot tell you how this will end as a matter of policy, because there are zero signs of compromise. But I can tell you what will happen as a matter of public opinion. Public trust in the government — already at an all-time low — will further erode. America thinks Washington is broken. And they’re right.


Here is some additional insight from our recently completed poll, which may give you a deeper understanding of the growing divide between Washington and America.

1.  Most of America wants cooperation… but not everyone does. Asked to choose between two statements about which is the bigger problem in America, America responded:
     “Not enough politicians work together to get things done, even if it means you don't get everything you want” (68% of all voters, 74% of swing voters and 25% of Tea Party voters)
     “Not enough politicians stand on principle, no matter the consequences and even if it means gridlock” (32% of all voters, 26% of swing voters and 75% of Tea Party voters)

2.  The American people want Republicans and Democrats to share Washington, not fight over it. Nearly two out of three voters (63%) say “I don’t want either party to have total power, but I want them to work together to avoid gridlock and get things done,” compared to just 16% who want Republicans to have total control, 12% who want Democrats to have total control and 9% who say, “I like divided government, because it keeps Washington from getting too extreme in either direction, and I accept gridlock.”
3.  Who do the American people trust with their money? Themselves. Asked “Who do you think spends their money MOST efficiently and effectively,” and given two choices from a list of six, 76% chose “small businesses,” 69% chose “individual families,” 26% chose “charitable organizations,” 13% chose “large corporations,” 12% chose “state and local governments,” and 4% chose “the federal government.”

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